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(Psssst…  There’s an INVISIBLE ELEPHANT in the room)elephant arrow

What if there was a better way to go through life?

One that didn’t involve struggling with overwhelm, anxiety, depression, chronic pain & fatigue, and a whole host of other mental, emotional and physical health problems…

Wouldn’t you want to know how?

There is a way to live without feeling small & helpless,

            fearful & anxious,    

 or filled with rage and frustration

We all have the potential to feel as light as air and as powerful as our animal friends;

to move through the world with abundant energy and confidence.

But first we must acknowledge The Trauma Elephant.

I call him the Trauma Elephant because unresolved trauma and all the health problems that come with it are truly THE biggest “invisible elephant in the room” of our time.

But when you can accept and befriend the Elephant he becomes a powerful ally who shows you how all your painful and stuck places actually contain the very energy you need in order to thrive in this world.

When I work with my clients I am working primarily at the level of the nervous system, because when trauma and overwhelm happen, that is where this stuff gets stuck.

When we resolve stuck, toxic energy at the level of the nervous system the beneficial effects ripple out into ALL areas of our life.

Want better sleep, digestion or metabolism? Want less anxiety, brain fog, or chronic pain? Imagine no more running around from one practitioner to the next. Sound too good to be true? That’s what can happen when you empty out the old toxic junk from your nervous system. 


Have you worked on yourself tons (even done couple’s counseling, etc.) but still find yourself repeating unhealthy patterns in your relationships?  When you resolve the buried trauma in your nervous system you can have the healthy, happy, sustainable relationships you crave. 


When we have lived through trauma much of our personality gets formed around the ways we have learned to manage our pain. Are you ready to find out who you can be without all that? Get ready to let your true self shine out, so you do what you really came here to do.


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