The Matrix is gone! 

Let me explain…

Long ago there was put into place around our planet an artificially constructed consciousness grid, what we call The Matrix.

The intention of this grid was, initially, to enable a certain group of ETs to be able to interface with our reality so that they could get the resource they were after, which was gold. Some of you may know this story, which is related in the ancient tablets of Sumer, Akkad, and other early civilizations, and depicted in ancient cave art and other artifacts around the world, and some of you may be like, “what the hell?!”

I’ve known about this story for so long and researched it so much that it’s easy for me to forget that it sounds “crazy”, but at one point so did the idea that the entire Universe does not rotate around the Earth. Quantum physics is considered solid science now while it would have been considered crazy magic not too long ago, and hey, cell phones… a little hand-held tablet that lets you communicate with anyone on Earth as well as access the sum total of human knowledge, try explaining THAT one to people 50 years ago. So yeah… many things once considered science fiction have become science fact, and one day this story will be in that same camp.

Eventually, by tinkering with the DNA of an existing hominid group, this group of ETs developed a strong and subservient worker race to mine the gold for them – us. Homo Sapiens.

Eventually this Matrix become more than a tool for interfacing – it was reinforced with programming to keep humanity in line – be good worker drones, produce, consume, don’t question, don’t realize your full potential. And so it has been for many thousands of years.

The movie, The Matrix, was very much correct, except that we aren’t actually plugged into machines like a battery – the real Matrix is a purely energetic, higher-density construct that interfaces with our perception of reality.

This hasn’t all been a simulated dreamworld that we’ve been walking through, though it has been a carefully shaped, and purposefully oppressive one, designed to keep us under control, and to keep us from perceiving the infinite Multiverse we are a part of, as well as our own true nature as multi-density beings.

Another big part of this system of control was the Hell reality, a constructed realm populated with what many would call demons, or entities. These creatures have long preyed on humanity’s worst moments and emotions – feeding off of, and encouraging terror, hatred, violence, and despair. Any Light Worker will be familiar with these creatures, and with the tremendous amount of energy it can take to free a person from them.

Together, the Matrix, and this Hell dimension and its denizens, have long kept humanity beaten down and miserable. They have made it very difficult to free oneself from suffering, because not only is that work inherently difficult, it is much more so when all the most difficult thoughts and emotions involved are continually reinforced by these powerful, negative constructs.

And so it is with tremendous joy that I am now able to report to you that those constructs are now gone.

I’d been feeling some kind of shift in this dynamic of control, starting early in December, and I just received an update from a higher-placed Light Worker, Lucia Rene, that what has transpired confirms what I was feeling – The Matrix is gone. And so is Hell. At least from around this planet. It’s quite the story…


Winter Solstice, 2017

Preparations for this have long been in place and the pieces have been moving for quite some time, but it all culminated on this last Winter Solstice, 2017.

The group of Light Worker women who are primarily responsible for the Earthly end of this work began this process way back in 2000 with a project they called “Unplugging The Patriarchy”, and later on Lucia wrote a book of the same name about the work.

Following that energy work all sorts of things about the corruption that had been going on all this time began to come more into the light of day – the realities of 9/11 not being what it seemed, the massive accumulation of wealth by the 1%, the manipulation of the stock market and banking systems, etc…. It’s all been in the process of shaking loose for quite some time, but the rusty cage was finally ripped free completely on the Winter Solstice.

For a complete report of what happened, I highly recommend listening to the full two-hour teleconference that Lucia and her group put out. It only costs $11 and is well worth it… But to summarize…

On Winter Solstice our Earth and solar system came into alignment with the massive black hole that is at the centre of our galaxy. The forces of Light knew that this would occur of course and so three main elements were put into play, carefully staged such that they would all converge at the right time.

1. The network of Light Workers on Earth was notified about what was going to occur and told to make ready to assist, which included doing whatever personal work they themselves might need to do to be ready. They also were put in touch with a group of Tibetan monks who they would be working with astrally.

2. A small “mini” black hole was essentially lassoed and parked in the 5th Density relatively close to our planet, waiting to be nudged into place at the correct time.

3. A intergalactic fleet was mobilized and trained to be ready for their part in what was to come.

Everybody involved was ready for a pitched battle and epic struggle, with the fate of the Earth hanging the balance, but what actually occurred was so much more wonderful than that, and is very much in alignment with what I’ve been saying needs to happen now.

Always in the past, a big “Ascension” type event or global clearing of this kind was accompanied by drastic change and violent upheaval – both socially and geologically, and I believe that this is because the notion of healing was still being influenced by the unresolved survival energy here on Earth, and because even the higher forces of Light, did not themselves understand how to work with trauma effectively – those understandings have only very recently emerged. As a result, even though there may have been an energetic clearing or reset, millions would suffer and die, only adding to the sum total of trauma in the Universe.

I’ve been feeling and saying for over a decade now that this approach is old-hat and that it’s not going to happen that way this time because the higher forces of Light now understand the idea of titration, and this is reflected in the very recent developments in nervous-system based somatic trauma therapies that have emerged over the last 40 years or so here on Earth.

In order for healing to be effective it CANNOT be big and dramatic and overwhelming, because big, overwhelming events were the problem in the first place. It must be slow, gentle, kind, and titrated.

Again, for the full story of what happened, check out the teleconference, but here is the summary…

  • As the Solstice approached, various beings from the higher forces of Light began undoing the “bolts” of the Matrix. Unfastening it from the Earth’s natural consciousness grid.
  • As the Solstice dawned, the mini black hole was nudged into place, forming a column of energy between the Earth and the great central black hole. The alignment with the central black hole had already created a kind of energetic slipstream, and this mini black hole was used to intensify and focus this suction, like the nozzle on the end of a cosmic vacuum cleaner.
  • The fleet of ships formed a cordon around this energetic corridor, all the way from just above the Earth to the mini black hole – a huuuuuuuge, long hallway formed by interstellar battle cruisers – the “guard” so to speak – to keep any beings who’s time had come from slipping out of the net.

All of these steps took place in the 5th Density. Simultaneously…

  • Lucia Rene, her team, and the group of Tibetan Monks all worked to help ground this process into the 3rd Density here on Earth.

As a result of all this the Great Cosmic Hell-Sucking Black Hole Vacuum was activated (my name for it) and the Matrix, and Hell Dimension were both sucked off of the Earth and into the great central Black Hole, where the energy could be recycled into Creation. Good stuff 🙂

As a part of this process, something truly wonderful happened for all the negative beings who were attached to these constructs. As each of these beings reached the mini-black hole they were surprised to find not pain and judgment, but instead were embraced by the unconditional love and forgiveness of the Christ energy (not Jesus himself mind you, but the energy he, and many others, embody).

There was an angel assigned to each negative being and these helpers would then help them discover where they felt vibrationally comfortable. They would take them to a plane of existence, and the little demon might say, “No, too bright! It hurts!”

And so then the angel would say, “well, how’s it feel here, a little to the left?”

“Ah, much better.”


The Angels helped titrate the experience of these, our former tormentors, who were themselves only that way because of the trauma they themselves had experienced, and helped them each find a place away from the Earth that was vibrationally comfortable enough for them to begin their own healing process.

Again, this is the very essence of good trauma work, and it makes my heart sing to know that these understandings have reached the Heavenly Realms.


Draining The Swamp

On the ground, on good ‘ol 3D Earth, there has also been a massive cleanup operation underway for most of the past year, though it has not always been so gentle. The secret bases and hideouts of the global elite, The Deep State, also called The Cabal, have been being invaded and taken over by positive forces, mostly made up of US Special Forces military. Their assets have been frozen, and networks diced up.

During 2017 about 40,000 people were arrested for child trafficking and related crimes. Various highly placed folks in politics and the entertainment industry have been outed as abusers of women and for using their power for exploitation.

Now this purge is reaching the top level operatives of The Deep State –  as of November 27 there were over 4000 sealed indictments that had been issued, and I’m hearing reports that there are currently over 10,000 sealed indictments that have been handed down to take bring these folks to justice – the usual number of sealed indictments in a year is about 1000 – and Guantanamo Bay has been rapidly expanding to house many of these prisoners.

You can see a “soft” disclosure happening in the mainstream media as well, meaning they are starting to openly acknowledge the existence of ET technology while being very careful to shape it and not actually say “ET”, as you can see in this clip from MSNBC.

Even the US government is openly taking part, as evidenced by Senator Harry Reid’s call for congressional inquiry into UFO’s on December 21st, Winter Solstice, the same day that the massive energetic clearing described above occurred.

Even Trump is involved in this massive cleanup. Yes, even the apparently idiotic US president may be less of a nincompoop than he seems, for he released this executive order on December 21st, titled Declaration of National Emergency For Serious Human Rights Abuses Worldwide. Part of the force and effect of this executive order was to freeze the assets of many operatives within the Deep State.

The news I’m getting from insider testimony is that yes, Trump has his issues, but he is actually the first US President since Kennedy who was NOT installed by the Deep State. He is well aware of what is going on behind the scenes, is watching the arrests of Deep State operatives on a live feed, and is very much a part of the “drain the swamp” movement currently happening.


What Now?

It’s happening, folks. But what does all of this clearing away of the old, oppressive sludge mean for us?

If the Matrix, Hell Dimension, and parasitic entities have been removed, why is there not much perceptible change in the world?

Why is there still so much suffering?

The answer is that now the real work of healing our collective trauma still has to happen. As long as humans hold suffering and unresolved survival energy in their bodies and minds, that will be reflected in our cultures across the world.

The good news – that work just got a whole lot easier, because the only place that this suffering exists now is within us, it is not longer being reinforced and perpetuated by negative constructs.

Not to say that trauma work is ever easy, but it’s a HELL of a lot harder when you have an oppressive Matrix of limiting beliefs being imposed on you, and vicious hell beasts attached to you constantly trying to drag you back to your old, self-destructive ways no matter how much progress you make.


I have noticed this in my personal process already. When I clear something now it stays cleared. Old, self destructive thought routines and physiological pathways that were deeply embedded and almost impossible to shake, which I had to fight with constantly, now flake off easily as I encounter them. Pardon my French, but it’s fucking amazing.

So now is the time, my friends. Time to turn our attention to the last obstacle in our way; the only thing that is keeping us from evolving as a species and a world into who we were meant to be – the unresolved trauma in our own bodies and minds.

There has never been a better time to do this.

A couple places to start…

My lovely wife, Irene Lyon, is at the forefront of global healing and is the only person to have created an online body of work that is highly effective at helping people truly understand and resolve their trauma, I’ll talk about her work below.

Or, if you really want to do one-on-one work you can always search for a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner in your area on this directory….

Please know though, as with any modality there are good and bad practitioners and it’s very hard to know ahead of time which is which. This is why I always recommend that people at least go through Irene’s shorter, 21-Day course before starting one-on-one work – so that they can get a solid understanding of the nervous system and what is needed to work with it, which will prepare them for one-on-one work, and help them be more informed about finding a good practitioner.

Irene also has lots of free resources on her site, and on her YouTube channel, to get you started.

These freebies are a great place to start learning and developing some skills. Then, if you want to really get serious about the work you should check out her paid programs. As much as we would love healing to be free, it’s not. Don’t get me wrong, healing energy is absolutely free, but understanding the incredibly complex interface between trauma, the nervous system, and the accompanying physiology, and breaking all that down into easy to consume knowledge and exercises that have a profound effect, has taken LOTS of time, money, and skill to develop, and so the programs cost money.

One is a 12 week intensive group program that we run once a year. This includes live group training calls and Q&A calls with Irene and access to a private FB group staffed by us and a group of our colleagues where folks in the program can ask questions, share their process, and support each other. 

She also created a 21-day self study program for people who want to explore the work while the longer class is in session, or in between rounds. This is less intensive and doesn’t have the live calls with Irene, but it does have the same kind of FB group. The content of this shorter program is all taken from the longer one, so if you buy it and then decide later to do the longer program the cost of the 21-day program is refunded to you. As I mentioned before, this short course is an affordable, and very rich way to start your journey with a solid foundation in understanding what trauma really is, how it impacts the nervous system, and how to work with it. 

Here are the links to read more about the programs…

12 week program – SmartBody SmartMind –

21 Day Nervous System Tuneup –