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Working with Seth has revealed itself to be not only the missing link, and actually the core of healing my auto-immune disorder, but also the mystical accelerator for my spiritual path of awakening as well.I have been a spiritual seeker and devoted practitioner for decades, and even though I made gains, these deeper layers just kept resurfacing, not allowing a permanent shift into a sustained higher state of awareness. I always felt something was still blocking me, that I could not access.

Working with Seth, I discovered a dysregulated nervous system was at the root of this malaise, clarifying why there was so little improvement with the numerous approaches & thousands of dollars I’d invested to get well. I can't believe the ground breaking nature of this work. Seth truly has a masterful approach when it comes to compassionate, awakened healing. Now I am moving forward with greater energy, ease, confidence, and presence. Finally, at long last the true inner me is emerging!  A fresh journey begins!

Krystan Dyan, Oneness Mentor & Artist

I had been living with depression and anxiety and I got to a point in my life where I didn't think it would be possible to live any other way. By working with Seth and paying attention to the movements and sensations my body was making, I have been able to access the emotions underneath the anxiety and depression that I had learned at some point were not okay to express. The amount of life energy that was hiding there was stunning to experience!

I can't remember when I felt so alive, and even more amazing has been the experience of just feeling okay - even in the face of stress and conflict, underneath I can feel that I am okay. I truly never thought that would be possible for me and I will be eternally grateful for Seth's skill, empathy, and gentle presence that created the safety needed for my trauma to move. Thank you Seth!

Hayley Newell

I went to see Seth when I was truly feeling stuck in life. I was having anxious reactions to almost everything for no reason, and I was feeling emotionally volatile. I couldn't move past my fears even though I knew they were unfounded, and I couldn't seem to unlock the mystery of my extreme reactions on my own.

Working with Seth helped to shake me out of inertia and guide me back to me. His sessions allowed me to explore and experience my feelings in a safe space, working past some of the roadblocks. After a few sessions, I was no longer feeling jumpy just walking down the street and it felt powerful to break through that barrier. This simple shift gave me more confidence and ease for my everyday life.

What I appreciate most about Seth is his down to earth personable nature, his ability to create a safe and supportive environment to work in, his musicality and how he infuses it into his sessions, and the way he emanates gentle energy like a big, cuddly teddy bear.

Lucie B.

Right before going to the introductory session, I had a not-so-perfect morning. In fact, I had a lousy one that made me feel like a tight knot when I walked in; my heart was pounding, I was trying my best to recover from feeling upset and irritable just minutes prior. My nerves felt fried and I felt desperately wanting to be happier.

By the end of the session, I felt noticeably better; soothed and calmed. The healing had begun. I just knew I had to work with Seth even though I didn't know exactly how his craft worked... because it did. I ended up working with Seth for three private sessions. To put it simply, he helped me uncover & release some blocked emotional energies from my past over the three sessions. Due to the number of different methods he's trained in, and how he uses a customized combination of them all to tailor his sessions to the very specific needs of his clients at a particular moment, his practice is like none other out there.

Jenn Co-McMillen, Red Alchemy Photographic Arts

Earthly light worker. Energetics consultant. Sound Alchemist. Seth has  a special way of rocking my discombobulated essence into my soul's seat. I feel totally witnessed and supported to expand the places I want, need and am afraid to go.

My body is now a safe place I call home.

Luana A.

“I came to Seth to specifically heal a stubborn skin condition called psoriasis. What started as an intro session, turned into a life changing journey. Through working consistently with Seth over the course of many sessions I was able to start to identify, and let go of, 25 years of a way of operating that was no longer serving me.

Once I started to change my inner world, naturally my outer world started to change for the better, whether I liked it or not. My life felt like it got turned upside down, and with that, a lot of negative aspects of it fell away, and was filled with positive things that were more of a vibrational match to where I was at. It’s amazing what can come up when you start looking inwards, and allow emotions to flow more freely.

I cannot fathom how I was walking around in the world before I started doing the work with Seth. I will be forever grateful for the work and the changes I made due to Seth, I will carry it with me for the rest of my life!”

Alissa Hansen, Actress/Producer