I work with clients out of my office in Downtown Vancouver, BC.

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“Right before going to the introductory session, I had a not-so-perfect morning. In fact, I had a lousy one that made me feel like a tight knot when I walked in; my heart was pounding, I was trying my best to recover from feeling upset and irritable just minutes prior. My nerves felt fried and I felt desperately wanting to be happier. By the end of the session, I felt noticeably better; soothed and calmed. The healing had begun. I just knew I had to work with Seth even though I didn’t know exactly how his craft worked… because it did. I ended up working with Seth for three private sessions. To put it simply, he helped me uncover & release some blocked emotional energies from my past over the three sessions. Due to the number of different methods he’s trained in, and how he uses a customized combination of them all to tailor his sessions to the very specific needs of his clients at a particular moment, his practice is like none other out there.”

– Jenn Co-McMillen