How To Come Out Of Freeze & Into Flow

In order to talk about how to come out of freeze, we need to first understand what it is, and why it comes on in the first place. Freeze is [...]

How to keep up your healing in the workplace, and the world!

The practice of somatic, nervous system based trauma healing is just that… a practice! Education is crucial, and there are many helpful techniques and tools we can use, and it’s [...]

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Free Will and Consciousness. An Open Letter To Robert Sapolsky

Robert Sapolsky is a professor of Biology at Stanford University and a neuroendocrinologist who has dived deep into the origins of human behaviour and has had tremendous influence on how [...]

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Planes, Babes, & Incubators: Exploring Coupling Dynamics

I learned about Coupling Dynamics in my Somatic Experiencing training - the modality developed by Peter Levine - and I'm pretty sure he coined the term. It is one of [...]

Sometimes We Have To Break Up With Our Family

If you ask someone why family is important to them you will often get an answer that conveys no actual information. “Because family comes first” “Because you only have one [...]

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Can Plant Medicines and Psychedelics Heal Trauma?

Ayahuasca and other psychedelics and plant medicines have been very helpful for some people as part of their healing process, AND - they are not going to heal anything on [...]

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