Your Nervous System Is FOUNDATIONAL!

And when your foundation is weak… 

…eventually the whole house will crumble.

It’s the same with your body when your nervous system is sick.

This sickness is called “Nervous System Dysregulation”

I work 1-on-1 with my clients to help them rebuild their foundation

and restore regulation to their nervous system.

When your nervous system gets regulated 

many things can change:


    Depression & anxiety, as well as many, many autoimmune disorders, such as IBS, fibromyalgia, chronic pain and fatigue, Crohn’s disease and more – we see these disorders as symptoms of a dysregulated nervous system; and even though many may argue that there are genetic factors at play here, it turns out that even those genetic factors are greatly influenced by the health of your nervous system – meaning that if everything is running smoothly, there is much less propensity for those genes to get activated. All of these conditions can be greatly improved and even completely eliminated by bringing safety and regulation back into your nervous system.


    When our system is chaotic and confused, with all sorts of unresolved suffering sitting in there, it can be really hard to attract and maintain the kind of relationships we want. Part of this is because it’s difficult in this state to even sense what is good for us and, believe it or not, our physiology will actually be attracted to people who mirror our unresolved pain back to us. This is because the body will always try to heal, so it will keep on setting up the conditions that caused all the suffering in the first place, in order to try to get resolution. Get rid of the old junk and then you will no longer need to repeat those old, destructive patterns over and over again. Instead, you will attract a partner that reflects your improved health and resilience.


    So many of us sense that there is something else we are supposed be doing with our lives, if only we could figure out what! We get locked in a cycle of unfulfilling jobs that pay the bills but leave us feeling empty or frustrated. When you clear out all the old, toxic, energy from your body and psyche you make room for a deeper, wiser, more authentic YOU to emerge. When this happens you will be able to feel what it is you are really here to do, or you will allow yourself to embrace that dream that you’ve had for so long but have been unable to realize; and you will be filled with all the energy you need to carry out that purpose.

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At this point you might be thinking that this all sounds too good to be true…How can ONE modality possible improve all these areas of your life? What’s the catch?

The catch is, this work is hard.

It takes time, money, dedication, bravery and a strong willingness to heal.

It is not for those who want a quick fix, it is for those who want to resolve and truly heal their health problems from the bottom up.

The science behind this work is sound…… and


5 years ago I was essentially a hermit who had lived in the woods for 15 years. I thought this was because it was simply my preference to be surrounded by nature so that I could better do my inner work, which definitely was true…. I learned and developed a lot during that time.

But it turns out this was only part of the truth.

The deeper truth was that I had simply been too traumatized to be able to handle the mainstream world, so I made a safe bubble for myself.

Until I fell in love with my wife, who did live in the world, and I decided to try to make a go of it here and had to confront issues like money, right livelihood, sharing space and intimate relationship, well…I didn’t even know how much suffering was still in me until I had to meet those challenges.

That’s when the real work started.

Thankfully, I found Somatic Experiencing™ and by dedicating to myself to that process I managed to not only heal myself, I got to the point where I could help others achieve the same kind of liberation.

Now I want to help YOU.

 Ready To Get Started?

My online practice is permanently closed. I am currently accepting new clients onto my waiting list for in-person sessions only. I work in the area of Mission, BC. If you would like to inquire about joining my waiting list for in-person sessions, please contact me.

If you want to get started right away I suggest starting with my wife’s online program, the 21-Day Nervous System Tune Up. This self study course is the perfect way to begin your journey of nervous system healing as it gives you an in-depth education on your physiology and stress response, which is crucial! Even understanding what is happening inside us biologically can bring a lot of relief. It also gives you practical exercises to get started with sensing and working with your held trauma. This is a great way to go while you wait for a spot to open up, as it prepares clients for in-person sessions so well! Here’s that link…