Body here.

I love you all, and, I’m a little grumpy.

I am grumpy because I am the least recognized part of what is considered Divine and I often get ignored, taken for granted, used as a “vehicle”, and abused.

I am what gives everything form. Without me Creation would be, well, nothing. It would be formless chaos. I am that which gives you all your individual forms as well.

Can you imagine how frustrating it is for me, to be referred to again and again by most of your “spiritual” leaders as simply a “vehicle” for consciousness? Like I am a car that you drive?

Listen up all you spiritual leaders, I AM CONSCIOUSNESS AS WELL. I am simply fleshy consciousness. I am stars, I am nebula, I am gases and dust. I am your Light Body, and I am your toenail. Get it?

Sorry, like I said I am bit frustrated after all these Aeons of going mostly unrecognized. Especially when I hold the key to you realizing your full potential!

If the form is broken or sick, then the energy that animates it cannot function effectively either, so with that in mind, let me offer an explanation for the fundamental paradox of individualization within Oneness.

All of your great spiritual teachers talk about how “everything is One” – that these bodies, this reality, is merely a stage through which undifferentiated consciousness expresses and experiences itself. That “I” does not exist, and that none of this is “real”.

This is so close to the truth, but it needs a couple “ANDS” to be fully accurate.

Yes, we are undifferentiated Oneness experiencing itself through consciousness…


…we are also individualized soul rays that stretch out from Source throughout the spheres of Creation. We each have our own unique soul “personality” or flavour of the One, which is often quite different from the ego-based personality which gets formed by the suffering we all experience here.

And a note an ego – it’s not bad either, it’s what let’s you differentiate yourself from everything else. Without it, you would have no idea where you stop and everything else begins, and while I know that this kind of undifferentiated Oneness is seen as an ultimate goal by “enlightened” people, they are missing a big piece of the puzzle. The ego simply gets over-identified with and clung to tightly because of suffering, but it is a necessary part of form.

Yes, we are beings of consciousness that exist fundamentally as Light


Our unique soul ray is meant to have form in order to experience Creation in all it’s wonder; in this sense we ARE our flesh and blood body and at the same time we are pure consciousness. If we do not learn how to effectively BE our body, we cannot even access the necessary parts of our mind that make the experience of Oneness consciousness possible, because we will be suffering too much.

It’s complex and beautiful and full of paradox – we are One and we are individual. That was the whole idea from the get-go. If Source had been content with undifferentiated oneness it would not have blown itself up into this Creation.

The whole point was to create individualized co-creators with form, or Body, that are at the same time, an undifferentiated part of the One through consciousness; and I feel that there will be more juicy goodness and wonder in store for you if you focus on healing, developing, and BEING your physical self, so that you may experience all of it’s sensual delights (which can include more etheric experiences as well), rather than meditating yourself into an undifferentiated bliss plane.

That Oneness state is really something that is meant to exist in the background and inform your ability to have empathy, compassion, and attunement with others, and not so much meant to be a permanent state of being, though working on developing that consciousness may be useful for those who are over-identified with external material objects and illusory power.

It’s all about balance, and right now your spiritual traditions are much too heavily weighted towards the “All One” idea, and not nearly focused enough on the wisdom to be gained from doing the work necessary to simply Be your Body.

So please take care of me! Learn how to listen to, follow, and express the signals I give you, work to heal the trauma that is stored within my cells, and keep me strong and healthy, for I love you, and I am you.



An important PS – This was basically a channeled piece that came from tapping into the messages that Body wanted to share about our current spiritual traditions and how they are missing a big part of the picture by thinking that the body, and the reality we experience, “is an illusion.”

I used to be firmly in this camp before I discovered the realities of my own trauma, how the nervous system and accompanying physiology reacts to trauma, and what needs to happen to heal it. For example…

  • I once went seven years without brushing my teeth because I was convinced that meditation and being connected to Spirit would take care of everything. Nineteen fillings later… big remorse.
  • I didn’t understand the realities of parenting and the kind of boundaries children need in order to be properly cared for. I trusted that “God will care for my child, and he has his own path that I must not interfere with”. Wrong, very wrong. Children NEED us to teach them about boundaries and what is safe and what is not, as well as help them to develop self-regulation by experiencing attuned co-regulation with us.
  • I didn’t exercise or pay attention to things like posture and proper body mechanics, because the “body is just an illusion”. Oops…. Chronic back problems that are only now resolving. Now, finally for the first time in my life, thanks to honouring my need for intense physical activity, I feel what it’s like to be fit and climb a mountain and experience what the whole “hiker’s high” is all about.

So yeah, the body is very, very important, as is learning to listen to it, honour it, and care for it. And if I want to really be 100% accurate I should say… learning to listen to you, honour you, and care for you.

Yes, you ARE your body.


Yes, you are infinite, eternal consciousness.