A little thing that came to me the other day. Yes, I know they are upside down, that’s part of the point!

I think that the spiritual, energy-working, new age, etc… communities could use a bit of a paradigm shift – there’s a big tendency to start with “high vibration” when we need to start with what’s under our feet.

Plus, from my internal perspective, when I do my internal work, this is actually NOT upside down.

To explain… I do my internal work laying down almost all the time, and so when I am laying down and am in my inner space, when I go to the root chakra, it is like I am looking “up” in a way – towards my feet from my head. I’m feeing in that area and am “there” at an interoceptive (means feeling the insides) level, but at the etheric level it’s almost as if I am standing at my head and my body is like a book laid out before me.

From this perspective my feet are at the top and I’m “reading down” the page as I go through the Chakras.

I find it interesting to do this and progress down towards my head, naming and feeling the qualities as I go, until I get to Source, and then connect that back to Root. Plus if you name these qualities out loud as you go it makes a nice little rhyme