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The Great Cosmic Hell-Sucking Black Hole Vacuum In The Sky

The Matrix is gone! 

Let me explain…

Long ago there was put into place around our planet an artificially constructed consciousness grid, what we call The Matrix.

The intention of this grid was, […]

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Disclosure Reaches The Mainstream

Exciting news for the New Year 🙂

Disclosure of the fact that we are not alone in the Universe is starting to pick up some steam and is now being drip […]

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A Message From Body: The Paradox Of Differentiation Within Oneness

Body here.

I love you all, and, I’m a little grumpy.

I am grumpy because I am the least recognized part of what is considered Divine and I often get ignored, taken […]

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The Powerful Roots Of Porn Addiction (and what you can do about it)

This is a really tough one.

I’ll start by saying right out that when it comes to this subject I can speak not only from my lens as a somatic […]

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My Story

I recently had someone ask about my story – how I got to where I am now – and I realized that some of you out there might be interested […]

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The Complexities Of Privilege

“Tests have shown that suspicious or hostile
Their lives need not be shortened
Truth be told, they can live a long, long while
Tickled to death by their importance”

 – The Tragically Hip

From my […]

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If You Had A Shitty Christmas…

Written on Christmas Day, 2016.

This is for all of us who have ever sat through Christmas with our family feeling sick inside.

For those who forced down forkfuls of Christmas Dinner […]

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Upside-Down Chakras?

A little thing that came to me the other day. Yes, I know they are upside down, that’s part of the point!

I think that the spiritual, energy-working, new age, etc… […]

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A Rant On Trump, Hillary And The Bigger Picture Of Disclosure

I’m so glad Trump is in such a spotlight right now. Yes, I’m very happy that he is a contender for the presidency. Yup, I said that.

Yeah, it’s ugly and […]

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